The pace of innovation and sustainability journeys behind plant-based leathers is simply incredible. But, it’s also an extraordinarily boutique and fragmented industry often limited to vegan consumers. This means most people don’t even know what they’re missing out on. And we think that's a shame.

Founded in 2023, betterleather collective is here to change that.

We’re female-founded, UK-based, and looking forward to delighting you.


At betterleather collective, we aim to connect consumers who value timeless design and a unique story with exceptionally crafted plant-based leather accessories.


At betterleather collective, we are working towards a world where people get asked ‘what plant are you wearing?’


We are not your ordinary luxury accessories brand — at betterleather collective, we embrace innovation and craftmanship that radiate practical sophistication. Our core values ensure we stay focused on leading the charge that wearing plants is the option for any consumer who values timeless design paired with a unique story.


    We don’t just embrace change, we seek it out and harness its potential.


    We are consistently authentic, driven, curious, humble, and unapologetic for our reason for being.


    Our vision is central to all of our practices and decisions; it keeps us focused and fuels our fire. It’s the impact we want to leave on our customers and the world.

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